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Tara Guest house

c/o Mahesh Chandra Bhatt,

Tara Photo Studio,

Near Jageshwar Temple,


Uttaranchal, India.

Tel: 05962 263068

Mobile: 09410311600 or 09411544736

e-mail Mahesh/Tara


Tara Guest House Jageshwar




Jageshwar Taxi Services

Bhuwan Bhatt

Mobile: 09410773187, 07895118085


Who am I?

I've travelled extensively in India before deciding that it was better for me to have a life in England. In times of doubt I head back to Kumaon for regeneration, if I lived in Kumaon where would my new paradise be? Mahesh and his family are just some of the great people of the region I'd like to repay in some small way, hence this website. Scenery and natural beauty are easily tainted when the people who live there fail to reflect this glory (e.g. Nang Keown, Laos). This is not the case for Kumaon; if being among some of the largest hills does not give perspective, being among some of the greatest characters and hosts should do! If you like it or not, please travel with respect, tourism often brings troubles...

I take no responsibility for whatever you do after reading this, I hope you enjoy the area and people as much as me, please travel with a spirit of generosity and an open-mind!

If you want to contact me (I'll do my best to reply!)

e-mail me

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